Bearded Dragon Care – Learn The Basics

There are several ways you can learn the basics you need to begin keeping bearded dragons. Bearded dragons are originally from the arid areas of Australia and the most common species available is the inland or central bearded dragon. Almost all bearded dragons available as pets will come from captive stock as there are strict laws in place in Australia governing the export of these lizards. They are easy to tame and their gentle natures make them suitable pets for most families. Bearded dragons also seem to enjoy the companionship of their owners and may even seem to recognize their favorite people.
The first thing you will need to prepare yourself for your new pet is a vivarium with suitable heating and lighting. Most experts will recommend a 40 gallon tank as the minimum size needed to keep a bearded dragon happy and healthy. You will want to set up the tank with different temperature variations ranging from about 85 F to 100 F during the day. This will allow your lizard to move to a warmer or colder area to keep his or her body at the optimal temperature. These animals are cold blooded and they will need to reach at least 90 F to properly digest their food. You may use multiple heat sources ranging from ceramic heating elements and incandescent lamps to under the tank pads that are designed to keep a steady temperature.
You will also want to make sure you keep them on a light and dark schedule much like they would be in the wild. You may choose to use a timer that switches the tanks lights on and off at a set time each day. You may change this to mimic the changing of the seasons in the dragon’s natural habitat. Heating sources may be switched off at night as well, allowing the temperature to drop down to 70 F to help mimic the fluctuating temperatures in their natural range.
It is a good idea to avoid using sand as a substrate for young dragons as it may be eaten by accident with their food and cause intestinal problems. Newspapers and artificial turf style mats work best and won’t end up in your pet’s digestive tract. You should also avoid wood products as bedding materials which can also cause problems if they are accidentally digested. You can finish decorating their cage in any style that suits you and your pet although you should keep branches and rocks in their cage to allow them to climb and sit on them. wholesale beard products
Feeding your pet is another one of the basics you will need to begin keeping bearded dragons as pets successfully. You will want to avoid giving young dragons too many foods with hard exoskeletons such as meal worms as they can cause similar intestinal problems as sand. You will want to use crickets, wax worms, and other soft bodied foods and adults can have occasional treats of meal worms or super worms from time to time. Fruits and vegetables should also be given to your dragons and adults will enjoy vegetables more than most young dragons. With the proper care your pet dragon may become as much a part of your family as any cat or dog.

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