Condoms: The Most Effective Get started Regulate Method

Male Condoms

Male condoms are developed of plastic, animal membrane or – extra routinely – latex, and are rolled on to an erect penis to lower semen from coming into the woman’s vagina just about every in the study course of and pursuing the intercourse. This is also a solitary of the most helpful methods for avoiding the transmission of sexually transmitted ailments.

How to use condoms?

Use the Effortless-Tear Edge – Use the edge with zig-zag, recognized as the simple-edge to open up up the wrapper of the condom. It is developed to open up incredibly easily and swiftly. Avert the use of scissors, machetes, tooth or any other sharp units to open the wrapper, as you could probability harmful the condom in the class of action.
Recognize the location the condom is rolled – This could be difficult in some cases, specifically when you are in a darkish space. The best depth that you can do is to feel which way it is intended to be rolled on by using your fingers. If not, consider observe that most regular lubricated condoms are only lubricated on the outdoors the dwelling, which suggests that you ought to be equipped to figure out which way it factors by identifying the lubricated side of the condom.
Penis have to be completely erect – Condoms have to have to often healthy tightly – but not too substantially – devoid of any wrinkles on the condom. If it is rolled on to a penis that is not nevertheless fully erect, it may perhaps most likely slide off or break all through the intercourse.
Validate for damage or breaks – Take a look at the condom periodically. If you detect that it is unfastened or has broken in the course of sexual intercourse, you will have to swap it ideal away. Use disaster contraception these kinds of as health supplements, to halt being pregnant and stay away from fertilisation. If you are in question, do not wait around or be afraid to talk to your health and fitness care company for strategies.
Consider out condom quickly after ejaculation – Withdraw the condom by greedy the foundation, to shield against it from spilling or slipping. Here’s more in regards to ซื้อถุงยาง check out our web site.
This will also avert the condom from acquiring stock within the vagina.
Dispose properly – Just following withdrawing the condom, tie its open summary and just take into account wrapping it with bathroom or tissue paper. Dispose of the condom by throwing it in the trash can.

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