Woman Power, Singles’ Intercourse and One Mothers in Historic Israel

About five hundred BCE King Xerxes dominated more than a massive Persian empire stretching from Egypt to India. Early in his reign he arranged a 7 working day semi-drunken feast for men to celebrate his glory and ability. His spouse, Queen Vashti, carried out a independent feast for women. On the seventh working day of the feast, substantial on wine, he sent 7 eunuchs to escort the queen to his social gathering so that the men could see how attractive she was. He directed her to don her crown, but it is not apparent if he needed her to use something else.

Various commentators feel she was envisioned to show up bare. Quite a few of the adult men had likely currently considered her entirely clad and would doubtless have appreciated a a lot more revealing photo of her splendor. In any scenario Vashti refused to go.

Immediately after counselling with his smart adult males Xerxes dismissed her as queen. He then had the difficulty of finding one more queen – and wife. His particular attendants advised he perform a natural beauty contest involving the most attractive young virgins to determine who should really be queen. The king readily approved this assistance. He appointed commissioners in each and every of the 127 provinces of his empire to locate stunning virgin gals to ship to the funds town, Shushan, for evaluation. Portion of the assessment approach needed each and every virgin to commit a night time with the king. It would have been an arduous activity for the king simply because, in accordance to Josephus, four hundred virgins have been despatched in from the provinces. This story, alongside with what adopted, is documented also in the biblical book termed Esther.

Finally the king chosen a apparent winner and, unbelievably, she turned out to be a Jewish female named Esther who was “charming in variety and attributes”. (two:7 NIV)

Ahead of going more we may well desire to reflect on the moral fibre of these two queens.
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It would seem that the Persian Queen Vashti was taking a stand on theory and was addressed incredibly harshly because of it although Esther, as a young Jewish female, seemed to have no qualms about having sex with the king. It was, of course, only a issue of singles’ sex mainly because the king had divorced Vashti.

The penalty for adultery in Israel was death, but what about singles’ sex? A single biblical passage (Exodus 22:sixteen,17) implies that the penalty for singles’ sexual intercourse was that the errant pair had to marry, presented dad permitted, and the man had to shell out the bride price tag.

Hence the insertion of the penis into the vagina constituted a marriage proposal and the girl was assumed to have acknowledged the proposal except if she screamed loudly as in a rape scenario. (Deuteronomy 22:twenty five-28) If father did not permit the marriage the man still had to shell out the bride value simply because his daughter, as a non-virgin now, had been devalued in the marketplace. This in itself would give the dude some trigger for restraint in pursuing his sexual functions.

There is also a chance the lady could grow to be a single mother as a final result of the sexual marriage proposal but presumably the father, obtaining banned the relationship, would sense some accountability to guidance the mother and little one.

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