Office Plants Make the Office a Better Place to Work In

There is a traditional view that a few plants adds much needed color to a room. It was pretty much the same view that people had of plants in the office, bringing a little taste of home to a place of work. However, office plants offer much more than just a homely feel or a little color, with research showing that there are distinct advantages to any business that chooses to invest in them.

Amongst the recognized benefits of indoor plants are the improvements that they make to the environment in health terms, as well as the resulting positive psychological effects they have on occupants and the consequential drop in absenteeism. A third advantage of indoor office plants is the positive impression that they can have on clients, helping to build a company image that is will lead to increased business and revenue. Just how these are accomplished is not very difficult to explain.

Improve Office Environment Even in high school biology class, we are taught that plants provide the oxygen we all need. Often, in offices with no or minimal amount of foliage, there can be a stale or sterile quality noted in the office atmosphere, something that clearly relates to a poor quality of air. Also known as dead air, it drains energy levels of office personnel, resulting in production levels falling and instances of human error increasing.

The reason for this is that, with so many people breathing the same air in one area, high levels of carbon dioxide are produced. However, with sufficient plant life, the air quality can be improved naturally and quite dramatically. Not only are oxygen levels replenished, but the level of airborne dust is also reduced, certain toxic gases such as formaldehyde and benzene are removed, and the temperature is more effectively managed. These aspects of office environment are usually managed by air conditioners and dehumidifiers. Since these machines need electricity to work, they add to the overall running costs of the office. Besides providing a natural remedy to a poor office environment, having plants in the office is actually much lower in cost. In case you have almost any concerns regarding in which and how to utilize Cay phong thuy, you are able to e-mail us on our own website.

For those whose work place is sterile or dreary, it can be difficult to get the motivation to go to work. Low morale and general dissatisfaction with work has a psychological effect on employees that becomes evident in the amount of sick leave they take.

However, studies have shown that the use of plants in the office can make a major difference to the work place atmosphere, reducing stress and creating a greater feeling of well being amongst the office occupants. This in turn leads to an increase in enthusiasm and a reduction in the amount of days that the office staff spend away on sick leave.

The benefits to a business are obvious, with increased production leading to an increase in revenue. And while other personnel management policies play no small part in securing maximum production and cutting absenteeism to the absolute minimum, office greenery also plays a significant role in improving this problem.

Making an Impression

Professionally speaking, every company wants to exude a positive image and make an impression that leaves a client or prospective client suitably impressed as to generate business from them. The benefits of indoor plants to the working environment could most certainly brush off on clients too, producing better air quality and creating more of a productive office atmosphere, creating a more impressive effect for anyone who enters the office.

Of course, the plants in some places can make a bigger impression than in others. In the lobby of an office building, for instance, the office plants used can include fully grown trees, which can be awesome to view. These could be too large to feature inside an actual office space however, and so indoor office plants include potted table plants, small bushes, or even small trees that are no higher than a couple of meters. An office that has benefited from the expertise of an experienced interior landscape designer is an office that is more pleasant to look at, cheerful to be in and better organized to work in. All of these are qualities that can be associated with a modern and efficient company, and one that is certain to be recalled favorably by any prospective clients.

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