Precisely why Authorship Markup Is Now a Key Google Ranking Strategy

Search engines has begun implementing changes to its algorithm that will affect all business people with websites and blogs, especially those relying on online advertising for their revenues.
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In the first quarter of this season, Google, the world’s leading search engine, moved to a focus on websites providing high quality content as a gauge to get indexing websites.

This resulted in major changes to the search results it showed, effectively eliminating the so-called “content farms” from the top page rankings. The sites most affected were the ones that collect content from other sources in order to gain web traffic rather than those websites offering original, quality content.

When it comes to ranking on a Google search, the result keeping of your website for a keyword search is vital. In Google search engine results placement, the top spot normally elicits 20 to 30 % of the clicks on that web page. Those occupying the second and 3rd spot attract some five to ten percent of the clicks.

Why did Google change its algorithm?

Using the recent algorithm change, Google at this point focuses on high quality content that covers research, in-depth reports and evaluation.

The search engine company pointed out that their objective is to provide the best experiences in order to web users and this benefits not only customers but publishers committed to providing high quality content as well.

In mid-June, another algorithm change was carried out by Google, one that specifically benefits sites that write original content instead of those that only copied or the actual call “scraped” content from the unique site. The update was Panda 2 . 2 that targeted scraper sites including blog scrapers.

Exactly why Authorship Markup is now a key ranking strategy

Moving forward, Google really wants people that write web content to start using authorship markup.

What this does is inform Google that the content you write is associated with you. The content a person write will show a picture of you in the search results and link through to your Google Profile. By doing this, you can really stand out in search outcomes.

Google has since announced that now you can set up authorship for search results simply by verifying your email address with your Search engines profile. Authorship markup is additional explained in this video released by Google earlier this year.

By utilising authorship markup in your website and content that you share, Google will give you credit as the author and, as a result, your website will rank more highly on the search engines.

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