How to Sharpen a Kitchen Knife

If you have a blunt knife in your kitchen, it is as good as not having one. Having a sharp knife will make your life much easier and you will be able to get through the chopping and cutting process easily. This way you will be able to prepare scrumptious food for your family.

There are different ways to sharpen your kitchen knives and you can use any one method. Here are some ways how to sharpen a kitchen knife:

You can use sharpening steel in order to make the edges of your knife straight. In the process, you will also end up having a sharp knife. Use one hand for holding the knife and the other for holding the sharpening steel. Now keep the knife at an angle of about 22.5 degrees and move it towards your body. This needs to be done around ten to fifteen times. Then turn the knife over and start the entire process with the other side of the knife, but this time moving the knife away from your body.

However, the best method for sharpening a kitchen knife is to make use of a whetstone. Make sure that the whetstone is placed on a flat surface. Here too the angle that you hold the knife should be maintained at 22.5 degrees. The movement of the knife should be back and forth, so that you get a nicely sharpened knife. Do remember to sharpen both sides of the knife. If you adored this article therefore you would like to be given more info regarding kitchen knife sharpeners kindly visiting our own webpage.

Some people prefer to make use of a leather strop to sharpen their kitchen knives. This process too is good, provided you first use a whetstone or sharpening steel. Here the knife should be placed parallel to the leather strop rather than keeping it an angle. And, the knife should be moved away from your body. This should be done for around ten to fifteen times, and then turn the knife over and repeat the process. However, this time, move the knife towards your body.

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